Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Final Days...

Hey All,
   Sorry I didn't get to write last night. The generator ran out of gas... HA! No electricity for us! Anyway, yesterday was a great day. We spent all day at the orphanage with everyone in our group. We got a LOT accomplished including: setting sinks, painting walls, painting murals, and loving on the children. We had a long day, but it was well worth it! After dinner, our team leader, Brian, informed us that he was in need of prayer. His 12 year old daughter is quite sick and having to have some heart testing done. As you can imagine, his wife was feeling very alone and scared. As a result, Brian made some calls and was able to get on a plane this morning and head back to Florida to be with his family. We are all praying for his family, specifically his daughter Bre. After saying goodbye to Brian this morning, we were able to see all of the orphanage children go to their first day of school. After giving the kids some hugs, our group all headed back to the orphanage to get the finishing touches done. One of the big projects of the week at the orphanage was a hand print flower mural. Lee Olsen got her creative mind rolling and headed the project. Each of the orphans got to put their hand print on the wall, and Lee made the hand prints into a flower mural. The children's hand prints were put at their height, so they can watch themselves grow! What a neat idea. My card reader isn't working so I can't attach any of the pictures, but I will when I get home. When the kids got done with school today, they came back to the orphanage and saw the finished mural. They loved walking up to the wall and finding their hand prints! It was a very special moment for everyone. I even shed a few tears... So touching! The orphanage grew today, as two new orphans were dropped off. We got to meet and love on them, then got to see them later at the orphanage. It was quite clear that the two new girls were settling in well, as they were already playing and wrestling with the other kids. It's GREAT to see the kids happy and smiling! Anyway, after our work at the orphanage was finished, we got to take a hike to the mountain top. It was a BEAUTIFUL hike and it was a great time of reflection for us all. When we got home from the mountain top and had supper, we were interrupted by a lady (followed by two small children) walking into our eating area to speak with Pastor Wiljean. The lady quickly left, but the two kids stayed with Pastor. We soon found out that earlier in the evening Pastor got a call from a lady who was asking if her niece and nephew could be admitted to the orphanage. Her sister in law (the lady that stopped by) was pregnant with twins, and her husband had just died of cholera. I couldn't believe that the lady just left her children. There were no hugs or kisses or tears. I can't imagine. As you can guess, I quickly grabbed one of the kids and rocked her while she inhaled a HUGE plate of food. After eating, the kids were taken to the orphanage. What a heartbreaking situation to see, but it made me so thankful for the work we've done in the orphanage. That place really does make a difference and gives those kids a chance at a good life. After dinner, we had to say goodbye to many of our Haitien friends. It was sad, but I'm so thankful that I got to return to Haiti to see them again. It's now time for team time, so I had better sign off. Sorry for the long email, but I missed out on last night's letter. So much has happened today and this week, so I have many more stories to tell. Please continue to pray for our group and for safe travels tomorrow. Love to you all! ~Paige

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  1. Hello Paige - We are praying for your group and for the children at the orphanage. God bless you for the work that you are doing. This is truly God's work as lives will be changed and many will be won for our Lord Jesus Christ. These are treasures that are laid up in Heaven. I hope that the remaining time is fruitful and I pray for the safety of all. God bless

    Dave & Mona Veach