Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 3 in Haiti

Bonjour everyone,
  Today began with me waking to the sound of the Haiten women practicing their singing for church. What a beautiful way to wake up! We had  a quick breakfast, then we went to church. I have never had such a wonderful experience rocking out in a language I don't know! HA These people know how to sing, and we had a wonderful time singing our hearts out. It was neat to hear the message in Creole and have it translated to us. The congregation was very welcoming to us all and we had a fantastic two and a half hour service! The message was about the Holy Spirit and how much you can accomplish when you let it work in you. What an appropriate message for what we are doing here in Haiti! After church we ate lunch then headed into downtown Cap Haiten. It was awesome to be downtown... It's such a different world there! The town wasn't very busy, so traffic wasn't bad. I guess that's a good thing, but I really wanted to have heavy traffic just to show everyone how scary it was last time! (Last time it was payday, so town was PACKED with people waiting to get their paychecks!) Even though traffic wasn't busy, town was certainly bustling with people. We had a great time at the market, bartering with the locals to get some souvenirs. On the way home, we got to stop at a local bakery. As you can guess, we were all more than willing to stop and try the food! The prices were AMAZING, so we got our fill and headed home. When we got home, we all ate a quick meal, then got ready for another church service. While waiting for church to get started, I hopped on the computer because the generator came on and ended up spending over an hour chatting with family. Now that everyone is back from church, we have two different card games going! It's so fun to get to relax and get to know some of the Haiten people on a more personal level. Earlier, Samson (one of our Haitien friends) got out his guitar and played and sang for us. We quickly joined in, as he was singing in English this time, so we spent a long time singing worship songs. What a great way to fellowship. I could do that all day...! Anyway, tomorrow is going to be an early morning, as we are taking a hiking trip to the mountaintop. We will start our hike at 6am so we can be back in time for breakfast. After breakfast, we will divide up and get some projects accomplished. Stacey and I are going to be spending most of our time in the ODH School, observing and gathering ideas for how to help the teachers and students. Some of the others in the group will be working on the chicken house and finishing up some projects at the orphanage. It is sure to be a busy and tiring day, so I'm hoping to get to bed fairly soon! Thanks again to you all for your continued prayers and support. A HUGE thanks to those of you replying to my emails/blog. I love hearing feedback and encouragement!
Until tomorrow,


  1. Paige,

    Thanks for the updates - it is great to hear about all of the amazing things happening in Haiti. It makes me want to be there with you - but for now I will continue to pray for you, the team, and the people of Haiti. God Bless!

  2. Paige...thanks so much for taking the time to keep us posted on your trip. Keep the journaling coming!!! Haiti is on my bucket list and am looking forward to being a part of it in the near future!!

    My love to my church family and the Haitian people!! Tami Jorgensen

  3. I have been SOOO excited to get on here. I have not had e-mail access since Friday. So I am thrilled to get on here and catch up. I have been praying for you all. Thank you so much for keeping us all posted. It means tso much to read of these experiences, it brings joy to my heart! Thank you all for your example of Christ and being the body. I feel so blessed to call you my brothers and sisters! My love to all!

    April White